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Working in the tomatoes

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Start your job in tomatoes!

When you start working abroad, you can choose from all kinds of jobs. Did you know that working in the tomatoes is fun and that it earns well? CombiVliet is one of the world's largest growers of tomatoes. With multiple locations in Europe, large quantities of tomatoes travel the world every day. All of the best quality because they are grown with great attention in the greenhouses. You can work here as a cultivation employee. You work with a nice team, earn well and you are well taken care of. Just ask one of the colleagues you are going to work with! 

Why a job in tomatoes?

Working in the tomatoes has its advantages. This way the work is clean and safe. In addition, there is always, all year round, something to do. That is why we can guarantee that you can work 35+ per week at CombiVliet. And not only during the high season, but all year round. Even if the tomatoes cannot be harvested, there is plenty of work to do. In addition to the hourly guarantee, CombiVliet offers you €10.34 per hour, which you can increase by up to 25% with the performance bonus! In addition to work, you will also be well taken care of. The living spaces are modern and meet strict requirements that we impose on ourselves. Your living space just has to be top notch, so that you can relax and relax at work. 

In any case, the area also offers plenty of opportunities to relax. How about a day in Amsterdam, for example? Or join a local gym or other sports club. If you like cosiness, then you are in the right place with numerous restaurants in the region. Or do you prefer relaxing fishing on one of the many waters nearby? It's all possible.

Do you also want to get started with a job in tomatoes? 

Don't wait too long and contact us! We could use your help. CombiVliet works together with Employment Agency NL Jobs. NL Jobs has been known for years for its excellent care for all employees. You will work as a tomato grower at CombiVliet, but NL Jobs will help you with your journey and accommodation. This way we know for sure that you will receive excellent guidance. Because you come to work directly at CombiVliet, we can also guarantee groups and or couples that they work and live in the same place. Do you have any questions about this or about other matters? Logically, contact us and we will be happy to walk you through it. Hopefully we can welcome you soon with a wonderful job in tomatoes! See you again! 

They preceded you

In the past, many more people from abroad have come to work at CombiVliet. How did they experience that? And how do they feel about being part of the CombiVliet team? 

"I've been working at CombiVliet for a few years now. I know a lot of people now. The people here are very nice and besides work I have a great time. I would definitely recommend this to other people!" 


Daniela-Catalina Stan

"I've had several jobs in the Netherlands, but since I've been here, I'm not looking any further." 


Dawid Jasek

"CombiVliet is a company with a good name, everything is well organized in the field of housing, transport and the work itself. The biggest advantage of all was that we could work and live here together as a couple." 


Davis Rezis & Elizabete Marina Arutjunjana

"A friend invited me to come and work here. I had to get used to it in the beginning, but the guidance is fine and the work is really fun. And it earns good :)" 

Karolina Zajda

"Working in the tomatoes is easy to do. It's not very heavy. I work with nice people." 


Danut Paun

We take good care of you!

At CombiVliet you are part of a team and not just 'a' temporary worker. You will receive personal guidance in your own language and good preparation. 

  • Modern housing We provide our employees with fully equipped apartments. 
  • Good salary We pay you in line with the market and ensure that you receive your salary from day 1.
  • 25% performance bonus If you want to earn more, you can do so at CombiVliet up to 25% on top of your salary. 
  • Personal guidance You have a job coach from the day you decide to work with us. 

Join us!