We offer year round work
Up to 25% performance bonus
Come alone, couple or as a group!
Housing with own kitchen and bathroom
Personal guidance


Working at CombiVliet means not only a nice, clean, safe job, but also a good salary. The basic salary is €13,27 per hour. In addition, with good performance you can earn 25% more. So you have control over how high your salary will be. We pay you weekly via the bank account you have or that we can create together with you.  

Guaranteed hours 

A nice hourly wage is very important, but in addition, the number of guaranteed hours you can work is just as important. At CombiVliet we can guarantee that you will work 38 hours or more per week throughout the year. The tomatoes do continue to grow. The number of hours is an uncertain factor for many employers, because they must deal with seasons. We have enough work all year round to be able to give you this guarantee! 

Close to work

You live close to your work so you are never on the road for long. You can indicate your own personal preferences and we will see how we can respond to them as well as possible. We have groups that like to live together, couples who like to sit together in a house, etc.

Personal guidance 

Personal guidance is very important to us. This starts with the introduction when you first contact us. For you, this is quite a journey and you will undoubtedly have many questions. That is why we think it is important that we are there for you. Together with our partner employment agency NL Jobs, we assist you as well as possible. This means that there are people who speak your language and realize what is coming at you. Also during your stay in the Netherlands we are always nearby if you need us. At work you will receive guidance from your colleagues and from combivliet managers. You can also always contact someone from NL Jobs.This way you are never alone.   


Free transportation 

Fortunately, the Netherlands is relatively small in scale. Nothing is therefore really far away. The Netherlands has good roads and connections. Our employees come on foot, by bike or by car. In any case, we have a good, free solution so that you can easily get to and from work. 


Earn extra with a driver's license

If you are in possession of a valid driver's license and you think it is ok to take some of your colleagues with you in your car, you can even earn extra on top of your salary. This fee amounts to an average of €100,- per month. In addition, you can also use the car for your private use. You will then pay the tax on this as prescribed by Dutch law. If you have any questions about this, we are happy to answer them. 


Training oppertunities 

If you really like the work and the Dutch culture, there is the possibility to progress with courses. With Dutch language courses, for example. 

Growing within CombiVliet 

CombiVliet is a fast-growing modern cultivation company with multiple locations in the Netherlands and abroad, with a large group of people and full of ambition. If you would like to continue working here, we offer you the opportunity to grow in the company. 


Join us!